diskJokke’s “En Fid Tid” -> album review

Norwegian producer Joachim Dyrdahl (AKA diskJokke) has been very busy since his 2008 release Staying In. Now with his latest offering, En Fid Tid, which translates loosely into “a happy time” in his native tongue, Dyrdahl’s mastery of juxtaposition has come into maturity. The album opens on a trippy, contemplative note with “Reset and Begin,” a catchy, thumping tune that features space-like synths and futuristic electronic beats. Another standout track is “Bastard Alliance,” a slick synth piece that bridges musical elements of disco and samba in a seemingly effortless gesture. After studying mathematics for the last eight years, diskJokke’s technical skills can be heard all over the album, from spacey, psychic melodies to disco-inspired anthems, Dyrdahl’s showing a lot of electronic promise.

diskJokke MySpace

Smalltown Supersound website

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