Feds shut down online piracy sites

Today, the feds cracked down and shut off nine illegal piracy sites that were streaming movies and television shows for their members. It’s part of a strategy unveiled by US President Obama last week  to curb global online piracy. Targeting illegal websites seemed to be the first logical step in this approach.

Amongst some of those sites included TVShack.net, PlanetMoviez.com, and a personal favourite, Ninjavideo.net. Many of these sites were providing bootlegs of “Toy Story 3” and other films just hours after their first screenings in cinemas.

I’m fairly certain that Ninjavideo and Ninjavideo BETA were by far the most clever sites I’ve used. It wouldn’t matter if you just missed something on television, because it would have been already uploaded– in 720p quality–ready for your viewing.

Looks like Surf The Channel is down too, which sucks for me because I haven’t yet watched the latest installment of True Blood. Shucks.


3 thoughts on “Feds shut down online piracy sites”

  1. This is terrible. Once again, Obama is horrible. What about people who simply don’t have money to buy a television? Obama ran as a people’s president but he’s fascist.

  2. Stop being retarded and putting the responsability of the ninjavideo shutdown on Obama.
    Feds, the IRAA, ICE are shutting down sharing and streaming sites since a f*cking long time.

    If we were under Republican governance, we would have a lot more restrictions of this kind of liberties due to their support of property rights/themusic industry.

    Enforcing a pre-existing law present before the Obama presidency = not Obama’s fault.

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