Miné Salkin is a writer, producer and multimedia journalist originally from Vancouver, currently working on a new documentary television series with Killawatt Productions Inc.
In late 2011 she returned from living abroad in the the North West UK, where she worked predominantly as a freelance arts and culture writer. She reported on the Liverpool arts and music scene for Seven StreetsBido Lito! Magazine, and has produced a video piece for the Liverpool Echo Music Blog. She also served as the web editor for Bido Lito Magazine, and was Assistant Editor for the Polyphonic Pixel, an online music magazine.
Although her area of specialization is music journalism, she has written for various publications such as The Globe and Mail, Metro Newspaper, Exclaim!, The Block Magazine, SPIN Earth, Sustainability Television, The Tyee, and has served as the Under Review editor for Discorder Magazine.
Miné studied philosophy and english literature at the University of British Columbia and graduated from the Master of Journalism program in 2010. For her thesis she produced a short documentary called Remixing Culture, a film that explores the intersection between remixed music and open source
technology. It was published by the University of Copenhagen’s online academic journal, AudioVisual Thinking.

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the personal blog of Miné Salkin, multimedia journalist

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