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YouTube releases free video editor

YouTube has developed and released a new video editor that allows users to easily cut and remix their videos in an easier, more steamlined way.

While it’s no Final Cut Pro, or even iMovie for that matter, the free video program is pretty sweet. You know that face that people give after their tutorial, when they’re turning their webcam off? That’s easily croppable with the scissor tool when a video clip is on the timeline. Not only that, but it offers up thousands of songs and audio from their AudioSwap library.

In my first short documentary, Remixing Culture, I took a quick look at the YouTube Mashup Helper that was developed in 2007. YouTube’s newest offering is way better. You can even make a mashup of all your previous videos as they show up under your files tab on the left screen.

Try it yourself! Be warned though: it’s very addictive.


Remixing Culture has been launched


For those who don’t already know, my Masters thesis, and also my first short documentary on remix music culture has gone live.

Check out Remixing Culture, and help me further the discussion on remix and mash up art!

Rumours that Thunderheist is calling it quits!

After suffering a near coronary reading a story from Exclaim saying that my all-time favourite electro-duo Thunderheist was planning on a break-up, I was disheartened to say the least.

Grahm Zilla is one of the main focal points of my upcoming documentary Remixing Culture, which looks at how technology and the digital format has changed cultural consumption, production and relationship to music.

Singer Isis Salam posted information about her own solo projects, while DJ/ producer Zilla’s been a little more secretive. After a brief Facebook chat session, Grahm relieved much of my anxieties and assured me that he’s been making music like crazy, and will make an official announcement about the status of Thunderheist in a few days. For Zilla fans, like myself, it’s come as a bit of a surprise, but rest assured. There are bigger and better things on the horizon for these talented musicians.

Check out the video of the first interview I did with Thunderheist last year for SPINearth.